• Friday, 28. October 2016 23:37
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30 March

RedGuard is recruiting !


Clan Info :

Clan Level: 11

Clan Skills Level: 5


Clan Hall: Yiana Chamber in Rune

Active Clan Skills: Clan Boundary, Clan Celestial, Clan Summon, Clan Copy, Clan Friendly, Clan Un-Debuff, Clan Guardian

Main Clan: Cloaks, Holy Squad Lv 3, Fire Squad Lv 3, Earth Squad Lv 3, Wind Squad Lv3, Water Squad Lv 3, Dark Squad Lv 3

Royal Units: All and Expanded, Holy Squad Lv 2, Castle Cloaks ( +2 STR, +2 INT )

Knight Units: All and Expanded, Castle Cloaks ( +2 STR, +2 INT )

Ally: None

Currently recruiting :

1. English speaking mature people ( age is irrelevant )

2. CP's or persons that are in for the long run and are willing to dedicate their free time to the clan/game in order to accomplish the clans goals.

3. People that will log on our voice server ( we're using Mumble, not TS3 or Vent, because it's better and because we like it ) during their online time and will be friendly and communicate with the rest of the clan.

4. People with brain. We're using a DKP system that requires you to pay attention and be active in raids to get your drops.

5. People that are not afraid of forums and are capable of using the clan site and forum for it's designated purpose ( raids are planned on the site, drops are distributed through the forum ).

5. Most of all, people that understand the meaning of the word "loyalty".

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